Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All of the above

AP Test Exam (bold- correct answer)

( 33- 46 cut off)


#1 time is mutual - bad / good
#2 time is democratic - everyone is given the same amount of time
#3 time is nonnegotiable
all categorized in :
 - outer directed selling
 - other directed
 - inner spending
 - non directed (passing)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beowulf Essay

What exactly is a hero? Must a hero always be one who fights ? I say not, characteristics of a hero have evolved over time. Starting off as men in armor, warriors; to men who didn't take action but spoke on wisdom such as Gandi. Later following with superhero's such as Batman or Spiderman. Leading to a romantic stage of hero's and soon involving women as hero's as well.
Take Spiderman and Beowulf as an example. Although both viewed as hero's, both have their differences. Beowulf is a hero in earlier time. Characterized as a warrior of the time. He battles for the protection of others such as any other hero. But also does so with a sense of revenge and confidence . In my opinion doing it as a source of seeking some attention. He is viewed as a magnificently strong man, who dares to confront anyone and anything.
On the other hand Spiderman is given his powers, he is far from normal. This is an example of the idea of a hero transforming. Transformation from a natural powered person vs. a hero who is given extremely powerful powers. Beowulf faces more of a external conflict. Having to focus on Grendel, his mother and later the dragon. It continues as a constant battle to protect. Beowulf is the one who walks himself into the situation. Spiderman on the other hand is bit, later having to struggle internal conflicts. Unsure of himself and his abilities, causing him to step out of his element. Putting his strength into positive action.
The time period in which both hero's were glorified in are evident. Beowulf was in the earlier time. When men were obligated to be a form of protection and strength. Weakness was not an option in the earlier days. The story plot itself gives off the idea of older plots. Spiderman is seen in the era where superhero's and comics were finding it's way into the literature world. It's plot being the typical, Superhero minding it's own business when all of a sudden he sees a citizen in danger.
It's obvious to say both are hero's no doubt about that. But both face differenced because of the time era both were publicized.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Vocabulary #4

accolade - award, honor
* Renaissance night is a night to accolade students for there outstanding effort throughout the semester.
acerbity- bitterness
* It was hard to apologize as she gave off a acerbity mood towards the apology.
attrition- reduce/ decrease in size, strength or numbers
* As volunteers signed up to help, we had an attrition in numbers; leaving us with only five volunteers at the end of summer.
bromide- comment intended to sooth someone
* He made a bromide comment directed to his friend to cheer him up about the incident.
chauvinist- patriotic, devoted to military
* Our vets are the most chauvinist people we know.
chronic- constant
* Her absence became chronic as she continued to procrastinate in school work.
expound- detailed
* Spark notes did a horrible job of expounding the story .
factionalism- facts
* The book was filled of factionist pictures.
immaculate- spotlessly clean
* Her mother commanded for a immaculate restroom and bedroom.
imprecation- cursing
* The old mans imprecation scared the children who rang on the doorbell.
ineluctable- incapable of being evaded
* It was ineluctable to approach the dog's new born pups.
mercurial- changeable
* Her dirty car seat was unmercurial, the new owner commanded for a decrease in the price she intended to sell the car for.
palliate- comment in relieve without cursing
* The old mans wife commented in palliate, overruling her grumpy husband.
protocol- main/ official procedure
* The substitute changed the protocol of the classroom.
resplendent- shining brilliantly
* Her resplendent present caused students around her to fear class involvement.
stigmatize- to set some mark of disgrace
* Her sister's actions set a stigmatized attitude.
sub rosa- confidentially, secretly, privately
* Her diary was sub rosa get away from reality, she felt violated when the boys took it and read it.
vainglory- excessive pride in someone's achievements
* Her mother constantly vainly glorided her children's achievements.
vestige- a mark or trace of evidence of something that once existed
* Scientists have vestige evidence that dinosaurs once existed.
volition- the act of willing, willing, choosing
* The family walked out of the family discussion volitionally.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Will Study For Food

With being a bit unsure of the amount of money needed for a csu student. I went ahead and used CalStateedu to give me estimates.
I plan to receive as much scholarship as possible. The more scholarships the more money that will be saved up for my younger sister. The remaining costs are planned to be paid with my dad's vet money. Therefore, with my sister being only two years apart. I hold the weight of spending that money wisely.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Honor our troops, i have an idea !

As we grow older death become common. I personally believe Righetti High School should begin some type of memorial for those who have passed serving our country. Such as Manny Meraz and Kenny Alavarez bpth Righetti students. Just an idea ! As for now I need SLEEP !

Why this book ?

As I began to scroll down the list I began to draw attention to the most frequently used. That day I happen to get home early and so did my mom from work. We headed to the public library, as I approached the librarian for assistance she seemed busy. So in no particular order I handed her the list of about 6 books I was interested in . She randomly selected one that she seemed to know of and automatically directed me towards the shelf. So I can say..... my librarian picked my book.. opssss !